'That is outrageous': Residents ask District 211 for clarity on sex ed curriculum

By Ben Wilson North Cook News

Residents spoke to the Township High School District 211 board during the Sept. 22 meeting asking about its sexual education curriculum.

“You have refused to say one way or another about opting out even though it’s been over a year. You’ve also refused to say what you are currently teaching or to post the curriculum,” resident Vicki Wilson said. “That is outrageous.”

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed Public Act 102-0522, formerly SB818, into law in August 2021. School district across the state have stated their intention to opt in or out of the new controversial sexual education over the past year. District 211 has made no official statement. 

If the district abides by the act, it will implement the National Sex Education Standards (NSES) in its high schools. 

The NSES were created by two Washington, D.C.-based special interest groups and another affiliated with Rutgers University in New Jersey. The standards include teaching children about oral and anal sex, and the use of sex toys. 

“It’s no surprise Illinois was the first to adopt this,” Wilson said, referring to NSES. “Since we have a governor and other leaders who think if there’s a disconnect between someone’s brain and their body, the answer is to mutilate and sterilize children.”

Wilson read stories of individuals who deeply regret their decisions and are in the detransition process. One story was that of Chloe Cole, a Californian who was put on puberty blockers at 13 years old and underwent a double mastectomy at 15. 

Resident Teri Paulson spoke to the board about Lurie Children’s Hospital, which was hired by District 211 to “help educate us parents and community members about gender identity,” Paulson said. 

The 2016 presentation told parents and residents that “allowing children who believe they’re transgender to self-identify is the best and safest course” for kids, the Daily Herald reported at the time. 

Paulson said the Lurie experts claimed there were over 900 genders. 

She then quoted an August 2022 article by Christopher Rufo, which reported that in surrounding school districts, Lurie’s employees were promoting “radical gender theory, ‘kink,’ ‘BDSM’ and ‘trans-friendly’ sex toys for children,” according to the article. 

“There’s also a ‘kid-friendly’ website for gender-affirming gear,” Paulson read. “This is in the resources at the end of this presentation that Lurie’s is giving to local school districts.”

Paulson added that “this isn’t science, this isn’t medicine, this is evil—and it’s evil directed at kids.”

“With experts like these, who needs pedophiles,” she said. 

Jack Zumwalt, assistant pastor at New Hope Community Church in Palatine, spoke to the board about “sexual ethics.”

“When I read some of the things that are being proposed to be adopted, to be taught in K-12, I am concerned because they violate sexual ethics,” he said. 

Wilson told parents they can opt their children out of the district’s health classes. 

“Whether the district opts in or out, you can opt your child out,” she said. “Other parents are already doing it. Join them.”