Former Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti was slated by the Cook County Republican Central Committee to be the Republican nominee for Cook County Board President in July.

A former Alderman and former Democratic Committeeman in in Chicago's 2nd Ward, Bob has seen his former Party drift far to the Left, out of the mainstream of the average Chicagoan. Meanwhile, he has seen county government fail its residents. High taxes, mismanaged resources, and corruption have plagued both taxpayer and our people in need. A true reformer, Bob will work to lower County taxes and fees, reform county agencies, and demand that the Cook County State's Attorney does her job.

A former assistant State's Attorney, Fioretti knows how poorly the office is underperforming and how it is failing residents across the county. Bob is not merely a "get tough on criminals" politician; he has pushed for sensible criminal justice reform, railed against wrongful convictions, and represented criminal defendants. 

To learn more about Bob Fioretti's campaign, please click the logo below.

T.J. Brown


Northfield Township Committeeman. Involved in Republican politics for nearly 30 years, from assisting local organizations and campaigns to campaign management and field work.