"After more than 23 years in office, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is not running for re-election. Currently, six candidates are in the race... to replace him.

We began with the two Republican candidates. One of them is State Representative Dan Brady. He's been a member of the Illinois General Assembly since 2001.

Previously he served as McLean County Coroner. Brady is a funeral director in Bloomington, we asked what would be his top priority if elected. "I believe my top priority issue would be more online services for the Secretary of State's office because this is an executive branch office that touches more daily lives than any other office in state government on a daily basis," said Brady. "And the one area is driver services that is probably the most prevalent that people come in contact with. And to reduce those lines, to cut through the red tape is very, very important." And Brady explained how he thinks his experience in state politics makes him a good candidate to be the next Illinois Secretary of State. "I think it uniquely qualifies me serving as deputy Republican leader. First I know I have to work as a Republican in the minority, both sides of the aisle to represent my district as I do. And I think as Secretary of State having that legislative background will be very, very unique and will give me an opportunity to continue that partnership with many of my colleagues in the House and the Senate. Many of whom on my side of the aisle have endorsed my Republican primary candidacy. But on the other side of the aisle, the Democratic side of the aisle, I've built rapport, friendships and working abilities with my colleagues to try and get things done on behalf of the people of Illinois. So I think that gives me a leg up.""

-ABC 7 Reporter Kay Cesinger