Glenview resident Paul Kelly is running for State Senate in District 9. A native of Wilmette, Paul loves his community and knows the frustration his neighbors feel when it comes to our state's crushing taxes. And when most of our property taxes go to our schools, he has seen that frustration grow into anger as our schools have not performed the way we are accustomed. After nearly two years of our kids trying to learn in an abnormal environment, we're seeing devastating results in test scores which indicate our children have fallen behind. Beyond the Unconstitutional COVID mandates, the state has also saddled our schools with mandates on curriculum which force the schools into spending less time on core subjects like math, science, reading, and language skills and more time on ideologically-driven curriculum.

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Thomas Brown


Northfield Township Committeeman. Involved in Republican politics for nearly 30 years, from assisting local organizations and campaigns to campaign management and field work.