Reduce Taxes

We need to stop burdening our communities and small businesses with unreasonable or unnecessary taxes, and keep them in Illinois to help grow our economy.

Some quick facts:

  • Illinois has the highest Effective Property Tax Rate in the country.

  • Over the last 30 years, Illinois property tax growth has outpaced home values.

  • Illinois is the #1 least tax friendly state for middle class families.

  • Illinois has the 2nd Highest Gas Tax in the country.

  • Since 2019, Illinois has the slowest GDP growth of all the States in the Midwest.

  • In 2021, Illinois’ population dropped by 114,000, a record loss. Only New York lost more people on a percentage basis.

We need real reform of the major cost drivers of our property taxes, stop raising taxes on our citizens, and accelerate growth for our economy.

Improving Schools

We need to increase parental and community involvement in education. Parents and communities should be involved in what schools teach, because they are paying for it. We need more transparency from school administrators as to what is being taught in the classroom. Parents and citizens need a vehicle to discuss school policy and the curriculum they are funding.

  • Not spending more money, but spending it better Illinois spending per student has grown 70% from 2007 to 2019, the highest growth in the country. At $16,227 per student, Illinois spent more money in 2019 than every other state in the Midwest, yet students in those states largely outscore Illinois students on the NAEP.

  • Focusing on the building blocks of education We need to support our teachers in their area of educational expertise. Teachers should not be mandated or coerced into driving political philosophies in the classroom.

  • Teaching kids how to think, not what to think Our kids need to learn how to explore different perspectives, ideas and philosophies with an open mind, and develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to be successful in their future endeavors. Our school administrations should ensure this happens in an environment free of judgement.


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