When September 29, 2020 at 6:00pm 3 hrs

Glenbrook North junior Peter Christos organized an impressive event bringing out Northbrook Republicans of all ages to Shermer and Walters on September 25th. All sides were invited to come talk and debate. Yet it quickly diverged into violence. According to MSN, "In the short video from last weekend's rally, shared with Patch, a man is seen grabbing a Trump 2020 flag from Christos and his group with some pushing and shoving happening between the involved parties."

"We were attacked last weekend and it really shows how tolerant the left was," Christos said. "It was sad to see that people in our community would turn on each other up until to the point of physically assaulting us Trump supporters because of our political beliefs."

This video was uploaded on YouTube and has since been taken down "for violating Community Guidelines," further demonstrating the silencing of conservative voices.

Following the rally, Christos' car has since been keyed.


Back at school at GBN, this tyranny also exists. Christos has been trying to start a group for conservative students but cannot find a faculty member willing to be an advisor. Our local teachers are imposing their own "woke" political beliefs upon our students and do not allow any thought to exist that is not in lock step with their own.

This behavior is not ok. We must stand with the next generation against those in authority   

Come and support our 






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