Joe Severino, a candidate for Congress in Illinois' 10th District, has made the prevalence of violent crime a key part of his campaign. 

Using the recent shooting in Highland Park as an example, Severino has suggested blame lies at the feet of incumbent politicians for not doing enough to protect Illinois residents. 

"People are being harmed and their communities are being left behind,” Severino tweeted

Severino has made improving public safety a focus of his campaign. Tactics he wants to examine include allowing parents to have greater say in the activities of their children's schools, and creating new pathways for businesses to invest in the community, according to his website

Steve Cortes, an advisor to former President Donald Trump, wrote an opinion piece in North Cook News endorsing Severino. In it, Cortes said that incumbent U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider (D) is vulnerable and that corruption, crime and inflation could pave a path for Severino to win the election. 

After the Highland Park shooting, Severino said in an interview on Real America's Voice that he cares about and is invested in the community. He wants to provide more resources to help families deal with the issues they face, including financial concerns and mental health struggles. 

“I have a passion to want to help, and I believe it is a calling to do so,” he said when asked why he is running for Congress.

Severino's campaign is also focusing on parental involvement in schools, reducing taxes for families and improving economic opportunities in the 10th District. With regard to education, Severino wants to place an emphasis on "reading, writing and arithmetic, while shifting away from divisive social agendas,” his website says.

Severino, who is married and has five children, was a small business owner for 25 years. The business experience gives him a strong understanding of how to create jobs, his website said. 

He is also heavily involved in charitable activities, having funded and created a children's foundation.