Northfield Township Republicans endorsed T.J. Brown for re-election as Township Republican Committeeperson at its Endorsement Meeting this May. T.J. ushered Northfield Township Republicans through a turbulent period marked by turnover in the organization, COVID restrictions, and kept Northfield Township Republicans the most active of the regular Republican organizations on the North Shore.

When T.J. took over in Spring 2018, the organization had a low cash balance, and it was soon to suffer the loss of a top volunteer and font of institutional knowledge when Lucinda Kasperson passed away. 

T.J. rebuilt a fundraising base, instituted a series of meetings with dynamic guest speakers from 2018 until COVID mitigations halted in-person activity in March 2020, supported residents in their efforts to organize rallies, provided substantial support to the "Vote No on the Progressive Tax" effort on the North Shore, fielded a full slate of Township Government candidates in 2021, and hosted fundraisers for candidates in Cook County. He also led a candidate recruiting effort which included working with different statewide organizations to ensure support would exist for the candidates once they ran.

T.J. has been involved in Republican campaigns over nearly 30 years in both Indiana and Illinois. To learn more about T.J. click the logo below.