The April local election is less than 90 days away. 

Two very familiar faces are running for District 225 (Glenbrook HS) Board of Education. Paul Kelly ran a vigorous race against Laura Fine for State Senate this past Fall. Despite entering the race late, Paul met thousands of voters and his belief that our local schools need reform have only been reinforced. Paul also ran for school board two years ago against a Democrat-backed status-quo ticket that supported the long-term shutdown of the schools and has overseen an erosion of the standards we used to expect from District 225. He will be joined on the ballot by one of our members, Jim Geldermann. I offer my personal endorsement to both candidates. Paul Kelly and Jim Geldermann will provide much-needed reform to the school board, which has failed its taxpayers and students. Since the last election, the GBS principal resigned in disgrace after an investigation showed unprofessional conduct, the board approved a costly health clinic to be built on GBS campus in spite of a major hospital being across the street, a school board member cursed out a member of the public and faced no sanctions from the school board, another school board member compared someone not wearing a mask to school to someone swinging a knife through a crowd, and a special ed teacher faced criminal sexual abuse charges. I will offer my thoughts on other contested races, including New Trier High School and District 34 later. I encourage you to be engaged in these races, and to make a plan to vote.  While these races are technically non-partisan, we will actively support the candidates in the contested races who do not harbor extreme left-wing agendas.

Thomas Brown


Northfield Township Committeeman. Involved in Republican politics for nearly 30 years, from assisting local organizations and campaigns to campaign management and field work.