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We are the Northfield Township Republican Organization

Welcome to the Northfield Township Republican Organization, one of the largest and most active political organizations in Cook County, Illinois.  We believe in a big Republican tent and welcome everyone who believes in our values of restrained, responsible government.  

Please contact us to get a yard sign, volunteer for our candidates, or set up a neighborhood meeting. Please donate to NTRO to support our efforts to elect responsible leaders on the North Shore.

We support fiscally responsible, restrained government on all levels. In Illinois, we have seen what a Democrat-controlled state government can bring: overflowing pension debt, unbalanced operating budgets, an expanding scope despite a declining quality of services, and combined taxation that has helped make Illinois tops in the country in falling population. In 2024, we will give Northfield Township voters a clear alternative to the failed policies pushed by Pritzker, Madigan, Chris Welch, Don Harmon, and our Democrat lawmakers.

Illinois needs change, but it will not happen unless citizens and taxpayers stand up and demand it.  If you think the strength of our community lies in our individual freedoms and limited government, then join us!  Please take a look at our website and then sign up to learn more about our organization and our preferred candidates, values, and causes.  

NTRO is a completely self-sustaining organization. Our member-donors finance us in full. Our funds promote our candidates, reach voters across the township, train Republican activists, pay rent and keep the lights on at our headquarters, recruit candidates, and convert independents and thoughtful Democrats into Republican voters.

Northfield Township includes all of Northbrook and parts of Northfield, Glenview, Deerfield, Prospect Heights, Des Plaines and Wilmette. Our northern boundary is Lake-Cook Road, our southern boundary is Central Ave., our western boundary is the Des Plaines River, and our eastern boundary is Harms Road and the Skokie Lagoons.


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We are the Northfield Township Republican Organization